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About this Community


Welcome to A Place to Grow! This is an online and real-world community of seekers. A place to be – a place to grow.


We will be sharing information and individual stories of development, we don’t have all the answers, and that’s part of the fun.


It is an experimental approach to healing and development. We will be working with the more traditional tools for development, such as meditation, therapy, workshops and healing. Let’s do something different too – media projects, the spoken word, comedy, humour, positive news – and whatever this organic process leads us all to.


Many people just don’t resonate with the rainbows and unicorns world of ‘new age’ healing and development. So let’s be respectful of each other and encourage us all to tell it like it is.


Let’s give you an example….. the key to liberating darkness is to name it. The quickest way to feel better is to be authentic in how we feel.


That is often enough. So, now what?


Let's have some fuuuuuun.


Embrace who you are and have fun with it.


That’s pretty much the intention of this community. To be real. In that realness – the light naturally shines.


So within – without.


So below – above.


So into the darkness – Light.





Hello you, this website is written from the community, because it’s all about the ‘we’ not ‘I’. This bit is from me, and it is really difficult to talk about my experience and training without sounding like ‘me me me’. But I will do my best.


Let’s start now and work back – during the COVID situation I spent the entire year in deep reflection. I was very lucky to work in social care, with people with enduring mental health needs, so still got to go to work part time. This activity enabled me to fund my down time and have some security.


I experienced during this time a very mild dark night of the soul. It was my third in this lifetime. The first one lasted twelve years, this one a few months. I realised that due to my previous dark nights, I was able to not only navigate this one with ease, but I could choose when I went into it, and when I had to get into the car and go to work. It was amaze balls.


I also had therapy in this time, had healing sessions with my Spiritual Teacher and did a LOT of meditation.


I also giggled. A lot.


I have some experience and training in media production, just a little, so I made videos for friends and followers, some deep and reflective, some stupid and funny. I really enjoyed the stupid and funny. I then learned something – when we really get down and dirty with our demons – the laughter naturally liberates itself and the Light just happens.


Now here is the interesting thing – I already knew this, I taught clients (I’m also a therapist) this, but my knowing deepened during this time.


It really is very important to laugh.


So let’s laugh. Together.


I think I am going to leave it at that. If you want or need to know what my training is, more about my background and therapy work, you are welcome to visit my therapy site. You'll find it on my forum profile and in the resources section.


Welcome to the community. The family. Your tribe. The island.

Your community forum is below. Joining is free. Hugs included.


Matt Valentine-Chase

Hi there! I'm Matt, therapist, lightworker, hugger, giggler. The founder of this site and community. Join us!

Volunteer Vacancy

We're looking for co-ordinators, designers, webmasters, forum moderators, teachers, healers, writers, comics.

Volunteer Vacancy

We're looking for co-ordinators, designers, webmasters, forum moderators, teachers, healers, writers, comics.

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